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Firearm Classes

A Little More About Our Firearm Classes and Pistol Training

Whether a beginner or experienced shooter, taking firearm classes with Ken Scott as the instructor is far from intimidating. With the credentials and the world-famous name, most would feel intimidated, but he knows how to make people feel comfortable in his firearm classes. Safety is always taught from the NRA guidelines. Students will learn the leading causes of firearm accidents, the gun parts, how to load and unload a gun properly, and the different action types, ammunition, care and cleaning, and safe storage. They will also learn about all the benefits of taking part in a shooting sport. Everything, in the beginning, is from the basics of what every person who owns and shoots a gun needs to know. The two parts of the courses are inside a classroom, and the second part is hands-on training where the student will learn the fundamentals of shooting. People need to always keep with them from the firearm classes because there are no opportunities for a second chance.

In pistol training, the student will learn the different types of pistols, ammunition, proper care and cleaning, and the same lessons taught in the firearm classes. Safety is first in every kind of training. Pistols have come a long way from the old western-style six-shooters. Most of them are .22 caliber pistols and are still used today. It is the type of gun people can have fun with on target practice and take their time learning. If they have that type of pistol, they are more than welcome to bring it to learn. Others may feel more comfortable with handguns that are semi-automatics. They like them because of the magazine that makes it easier to load and unload. Pulling out one magazine is easier and quicker than unloading six bullets from the chamber. It is all at the student's discretion on what they are more comfortable with using. As mentioned, we also have pistols that can be rented for the training duration if they do not have a gun yet.

Ways to find pistol training near me is the same as looking up any business. Google, Bing, or any other search engine can be used to find nearby locations. Sometimes in larger cities, there may be more than one pistol training near me, and the person will have to choose which one they would like to attend. Most people will go for the cheaper cost. Others will go by the owners and instructors. Most people are familiar with Ken Scott in Georgia and come from all over to have him as their instructor. All across America, there are over one million people who attend NRA training classes each year. The more people who take these courses, the better chances we have to stop accidents before they happen.

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