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Pistol Fundamentals

What are the Pistol Fundamentals?

The pistol fundamentals are the basics of everything learned throughout the course. Anyone who takes the course will find that it all boils around safety. Every course is different, but the pistol fundamentals remain intact, and the course follows through with a curriculum or guidelines every instructor follows. Everything taught in learning about the firearm begins with firearm safety. The rest of the topics are the different calibers and ballistics, malfunctions, Child Access Prevention (CAP), and drawing from concealment. The safety speaks for itself, and it covers all the safety features on the pistol. Every pistol is different, and the different calibers are covered in brief. It goes by the size of the bullet to determine what type of gun is fired. The course will also cover the different types of malfunctions that fall under safety. It helps to know what to do when these things happen. The rest of the curriculum speaks volumes when a gun should be kept from children at all times. And last, the course shows how to pull the weapon out from a concealed location properly.

The pistol fundamental course also shows the hands-on experience of firing the gun. It covers the five steps in the proper technique of shooting. Everyone must go through these steps, whether they are beginners or experienced with firearms. Anyone who takes the course must follow all the rules from the instructor. It teaches the proper way to aim. The course also covers breathing techniques. Most people do not know the breathing can alter the aim. When we aim a gun and breathe in, the gun will move upward, and when we exhale, the gun will move downward. They show how to always fire after exhaling. The hands-on training continues with the proper way to hold the pistol, trigger control, and following through with the shooting process.

Going with Provectus Group, LLC, is the most affordable pistol training in the area. All courses taught are the basics of the NRA's Basic Pistol Course. It is the same course taught across the U.S. The only difference is the instructor's technique of teaching the class. They also set the prices according to their style of teaching. Many would think that having Ken Scott as the trainer, the cost would be sky-high. This is not the case as it is one of the most affordable pistol training made available. Being fair is what makes us trustworthy. Another reason for keeping the prices affordable is if the course is too expensive, no one will want to take it. The last thing we want to do is deter anyone from taking a course that can save lives. We care about everyone, and we want people to be safe when dealing with firearms.

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