We here at Provectus Group are so excited about these Jet Tags. We have finally after all this time come out with three colors...Multicam, Red and Coyote!...and it's called #BETHESWITCH! But you first have to know the back story...the term came about after trying to come up with something easy for students to remember when trying to describe some of the characteristics of a protector. When "OFF" a protector is loving, caring, compassionate, kind and the list goes on. But as a last resort a protector can be switched "ON" and be willing to enact swift violence on those who prey on the innocent. By definition a protector is "one who protects" or guards. A person who at all costs will always stand for whats right.


"You don't have to wear a uniform to be a protector...we're all the same, this is just a job"


-Ken - circa sometime in 2009...not really sure though ;)


Anyway now I can't personally guarantee that you'll be a protector and can be the switch just from buying one of these, but it's worth a shot right? It's only 12 bucks! And if the first one doesn't work, buy another...or three, no pressure!


Ok for real the reason why we came out with these was for several reasons but the most important one is having something that's attached to your keys that will allow you to quickly index them (get them out of your pocket) very quickly in an emergency situation. Even if that emergency is you didn't go to the bathroom before leaving the restaurant and now you're about to pee yourself trying to get in the house....it counts. Knowing where your keys are at all times is extremely important and considered a cornerstone of proper advance situational awareness (we teach this (wink wink)).


So yeah, the first reason was obviously for safety reasons but the other reasons are cool too, keep reading. Ok you made it this far, you should get something for this, but we're out of all the freeloader stuff! Anyway sorry here's some other reasons;


  • to attach to my Maglula UpLULA because you know somehow these mofos are always growing legs and dissapearing during a range day. Because of this I know longer let people borrow mine...true story. The "RED" Jet Tag is great for this because you can see it from across the room or in a junky range bag.
  • to attach to my various bags, like the commuter sling bag from Vertx. I attached it to the pull handle just to add a little "flare" lol...(not really, I just couldn't come up with anything that sounded better). Any color works for this.
  • to attach them to my chamber indicators!!!! Yo this is perfect especially for when I'm storing my guns in a safe and I want to be able to see at a glance if a particular firearm is unloaded. These damn "RED" Jet Tags can be seen from space, trust us! Pro Tip: Because I'm cheap I take the chamber indicators that come with the firearms in the box, drill a small hole through it and feed the Jet Tag keychain thing through the hole (see pic).
  • Lastly I like to attach these to anything that I'd like to be able to actually find because my dumb ass purchased multicam everything and haven't been able to find anything since (some of yall know exactly what I'm talking about). So yeah, if you fall in that category get you some! And becuase you made it this far, kept reading and stomached those horrible jokes, use code: 10minuteslater for ten percent off this purchase and don't tell anyone, make them earn it too lol.


Thank you all so much for the support and make sure that you tag us on social media ( @provectusgroup ). Also you can find us on all Social Media Platforms (YouTube, Instagram and Facebook)!






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