Don't have a pistol for one of our pistol classes or private lesson? Been considering getting a red dot but not sure which one? Then this is the option for you. We have all popular micro compacts, subcompacts, compacts and full size pistols with red dots already installed. When you rent one of our pistols you have access to it during the entire class! All you need to do is provide the ammunition. We're firm believers that you should "test drive" your firearm before purchasing and that includes red dots. With so many different manufacturers, sizes, reticles, window sizes, features and most importantly costs. It's important to know the "why" behind a purchase like this. Well now you can test drive it before you buy it.


***There's also a different option and thats attending a firearm fitting, where we walk you through the process of finding the right firearm for you and your lifestyle*** Click Here:


Some of the brands/models we carry:


Smith & Wesson 4" Shield with 4 moa JPoint

Smith & Wesson 5" PC C.O.R.E. with Trijicon RMR

Glock 19 MOS w/ Trijicon RMR

Glock 17 MOS w/ Trijicon SRO

Glock 34 MOS w/ Trijicon SRO

CZ P10C w/ Trijicon RMR

Springfield Armory Hellcat w/ Crimson Trace 1500

Sig Sauer P365XL w/ Sig Romeo Zero

Sig Sauer X5 Legion w/ Sig Romeo One Pro

Sig Sauer X Carry w/ Sig Romeo

Sig Sauer X Compact w/ Sig Romeo One Pro