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Red Dot Pistol Rental

A Little About Our Red Dot Pistol Rental and Our Firearm Instructor

The red dot pistol rental is the one highly recommended in our training course. Law enforcement agencies and the military use the red dot pistol rental to learn how to move faster without using the sights. It is a laser that puts a red dot on the target where the bullet will penetrate. Since real-life situations give little to no time to think or aim, it is a device that can save the lives of those who work to protect the innocent. Another good reason to become familiar with the red dot pistol rental is that sometimes there is a challenge to see the target in certain situations. The red dot is a laser and can penetrate through the hardest to see places. It is the best way to hit the target.

Ken Scott, the firearm instructor at Provectus Group, LLC, has a history of making anyone feel comfortable with learning their firearm. He spent 18 years plus as a Private Security. Ken was a law enforcement officer and went as high up as working in Special Operations and a K9 handler in Drug Interdiction. He finished his career as the Chief of Police in Georgia. All of his credentials came as a police officer and after as an instructor.

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