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I attended the Intermediate Dynamic Handgun course today. Ken is a great instructor. I learned new skills and was able to hone skills that I already had. Ken gave us instruction and then had us practice the skills until the techniques had really sunk in. I shot over 300 rounds and had a great time. I would recommend this course to others who are wanting to improve their proficiency with a handgun.

I also attended the Advanced Dynamic Handgun course, last Saturday. Ken taught me some very valuable skills for one handed manipulation of my pistol, both strong and weak hand. We worked on response to different situations, along with moving and shooting from cover. I enjoyed the class and learned a lot.



Had an amazing experience at the Dynamic Handgun Intermediate Course with the @provectusgroup today. Ken's attention to detail and deliberate instruction was so pivotal to my instantaneous improvement. If you want to learn the 7 fundamentals of shooting along with real life situational training, this is the course for you. I learned so much today and I m going to keep practicing my craft. Thank you Ken for your precise instruction, patience and expertise. I will be working a lot more with you brother. I will be taking the Advance course and I ll be dry firing, working on my failures and improving on a daily basis. Ken is the man. You are doing a major disservice to yourself if you don't get the Provectus Group in your life. His Love and Compassion for his students resonated for the entire course. Thank you Ken. This course kicked my butt so stay hydrated. Worth every penny. My whole family will be taking courses here.



Best class i have ever taken! Now i know what i was struggling with ,now i move to the next level. Thanks Ken.



I just took the dynamic concealed carry class. It was absolutely top notch. I had the greatest time and will be going back for more. Ken is a great instructor with a great attitude. You can tell he loves what he does. Do yourself a favor and enroll in everything you can.



I've never taken a gun safety class but knew I needed to. So I scheduled a private lesson with Ken just to learn the basic fundamentals. We started out with gun safety, learning the parts of a gun, developing a proper stance, holding the gun so that I have the best control of it, how to practice dry fire at home and progressing on with plenty of time on the range. He was very patient and encouraging but such a great teacher. He was able to explain to me what I did wrong while shooting so that I could correct it for the next shot, and he also explained the importance of pulling the trigger smoothly because of how our brain is anticipating the shot. Definitely well worth the money and hope to do another course with Provectus Group later.



I had the honor to train with him in VCQB class. Great dude. If he runs a class like he trains I'm sure it will be too notch.



For anyone considering taking a class with these guys jump at the opportunity. I attended the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Firearm Instructor School with Ken and he is a squared away guy and you will not be disappointed in the things you learn, not to mention he's a damn good guy and he will make it an enjoyable experience.

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