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Ken's career started over 19 years ago in Private Security, doing everything from Static Security, Convoy Protection and Personal Security Details.


Ken then started his Law Enforcement career as a patrol officer. Ken accelerated quickly within his agency being promoted to Patrol Corporal. He eventually moved into the Special Operations side of Law Enforcement and became a K9 Handler. As a K9 Handler he specialized in Drug Interdiction, Drug Detection and Criminal Apprehension. Ken has hundreds of hours of specialized training ranging from Drug Trafficking to Recognizing Criminal Conduct and Behavior. Ken and his K9 partner Titan were credited with several seizures of drugs, drug money and violent fugitives. 


Ken then moved on to become a Supervisor over a Criminal Task Force. This Task Force was responsible for Crime Suppression, High Risk Warrants, Organized Crime, Bait Vehicles, Theft Rings, Violent Fugitive Apprehension and certain "undercover ops".

Ken ended his career as a Chief of Police of a municipality of Georgia.


While in Law Enforcement he realized his second calling, to be an instructor. Ken is a Nationally Certified Instructor and earned the following; 


-General Instructor Certification at Georgia Northwestern Technical College through the Georgia Police Officer's Standards of Training.


-Specialized Firearm Instructor Certification through the Georgia Police Officer's Standards of Training.


-Firearm Instructor Certification through Department of Homeland Security - Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.


-Active Shooter Instructor Certification through Department of Homeland Security - Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. 

-Pistol Instructor Certification through the National Rifle Association (NRA).

-Nationally Certified Training Counselor - US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)

-Nationally Certified Firearms Instructor - US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)

-Specialized Instructor Certification through 88 Tactical in Vehicle Close Quarters Battle (VCQB). 

-Bill Rogers Shooting School Tactical Handgun Course (INTERMEDIATE RATING)

-Dodd & Associates Training School - Tactical Handgun Course (ADVANCED RATING)

Ken has trained under several highly respected instructors like Chris Costa, William Petty, Scott Jedlinski, Chris Galls, Bill Rogers, Bob White, Ronnie Dodd, Billy Lumpkin, Adam Smith, David Campbell, Kyle Armstrong and other instructors within the Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations Community.


"My mission is to spread the good word, so that more people stay alive...for this is God's gift to me". 

See you in the next class,


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