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Elite by Provectus


The Provectus Elite Pistol design was very simply...function, before looks and all at a great price. The goal was to create an amazing everyday carry pistol, that had the upgrades we want, without sacrificing reliabitlity and functionality. The many features of the Provectus Elite Pistol adds consistency, confidence and more functionality to your everyday carry lifestyle. Welcome to the Provectus Family!   -Ken




Truglo TFX Pro Sights - Perfect blend of day and night sight dominance. Fiber Optic for day, Tritium for night. All ecapsulated and sealed in metal for long life. 


Slide Work - The Provectus Elite slide was designed with consistency and reliability in mind with some of it's features, an industry first. This slide was built around one handed manipulation with its front cocking/racking serrations and it's built in "Rack Ramp". The front serrations are cut at the perfect depth and angle to not rip your hands apart but still give you a positive and consistent grip, whether under stress or at the range. The "Rack Ramp", a ramp that was milled into the slide just before the rear sight increased the surface area of the front sight (when used with Truglo TFX Pro's) by approximately 24%. Further adding consistency and reliability when you need it most. 


Optic Cuts - You know we couldn't leave out our red dot folks. You can have the Provectus Elite Pistol with your favorite optic cut as well (for a small fee). From the popular Trijicon RMR to the Vortex Venom, we've got you covered. Price is for optic cut and plate/cover only.


Barrels - We are proud to have partnered with the best aftermarket M&P barrel manufacturer in the business, Apex Tactical, Inc. Most of the time aftermarket barrels are not needed but in this case it was. Apex figured out how to increase the dwell time of the barrel, keeping the orientation of the barrel straighter for a longer period of time while the slide is cycling. This equates to better accuracy at greater distances. Choose from 4 different barrel options. Drop In (comes standard), Drop In (threaded), Fitted and Fitted (threaded). Lastly, we offer our barrels in your favorite finish...stainless (standard), TiN, DLC or PVD. 


The Trigger - When considering the best trigger for the Provectus Elite, we went right back to Apex Tactical, Inc. and their Flat Faced Forward Set Trigger Kit. Reducing the overall trigger pull by approximately 40%, the Apex "flatty" trigger is exceptional right out of the package. We took it another step further by tuning the trigger for an optimal trigger pull and feel. The tuned trigger that comes in the Provectus Elite Pistol is optimized for both up close CQB work and long distance shooting. The pre travel characteristics are refined and very smooth with no hickups. From there the wall is very pronounced and defined, giving the shooter the feedback he or she needs before breaking the shot. The break of the trigger is very pronounced and crisp, with hardly any creep. It's the perfect combination. We tune these triggers with different combinations of Apex and factory M&P trigger parts. We're looking for a "feel" and not necessarily a specific pull weight. Pull weights usually come in between 3.75 lbs - 4.75 lbs. 


Magwell - The magwell that comes with the Provectus Elite is truly a work of art. It not only assists you in being more consitent with magazine changes but also with your grip. The front of the magwell thats aligned with the front of the grip gives you the perfect reference point to ensure that you get a consistent grip everytime. It also improves recoil managment as it adds leverage along the pinky finger, allowing you to drive the gun back on target sooner whether shooting one handed or with both hands.


Precision Finish - We cerakote the Provectus Elite to increase it's durability and provide corrosive resistence. However special care is taken to avoid getting cerakote where it doesn't belong, increasing reliability and longevity. Choose from solid finishes (included) or for a small fee you can upgrade to urban camo, custom camo or battleworn.


The Hard Case - With all this awesome we had to make sure that it was protected. So your Provectus Elite Pistol comes with its very own hard case. It holds the pistol, a spare mag and associated paperwork. This case is TSA Approved, watertight, dustproof, impact resistant, has safety latches, auto pressure purge system and has holes for standard padlocks. It's all you need. 


Case Contents - All Provectus Elite Pistols will also come with the following within the case. A letter from me (Ken, owner of Provectus Group), test fire paperwork, fired casing pouch and a "Certificate of Real Shit", also known as a certificate of authenticity.  

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