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I get a lot of questions regarding the gear, equipment and stuff that I use to train with, teach with and trust my life to. It's really easy to waste money on things that we think we need (or tell our wives we need lol), but then find out later that whatever we bought just didn't work or frankly was cheap. With this lifestyle the old saying is get what you pay for and since most of us are trusting our lives to the things we're buying, buy quality and buy once. 




Hopefully this page will help you not only make an informed decision but also help you save money in the process! Check back often as new companies will be added every so often and make sure you use our coupon codes where available. 



TYR Defense Industries


AR Gold Trigger

Linear Brake

Hand Matched Billet Upper/Lower

NiB Battleworn Finish


Magpul Stock

Full Length Top Rail

14.5" Precision Barrel

Custom Flared/Carved Magwell

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